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Walter Lee: The Sonic Alchemist

Hailing from the Poconos, Walter Lee, a 32-year-old musical virtuoso, is the sonic alchemist behind a vibrant fusion of reggae, funk, and feel-good vibes. A one-man orchestra, he seamlessly weaves a tapestry of sound reminiscent of Sublime, Slightly Stoopid, Jack Johnson, and Incubus.


With a versatile arsenal, Walter is not just a singer and guitarist but a multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire, effortlessly navigating drums, keys, and percussion. His musical journey began in notable bands like South of the Peak (on drums), Tracksuit Panda, and The Crowning, each contributing to the diverse influences coloring his solo work.


Currently, Walter is a driving force in The Christian Porter Band and Roots In Blue Stone, where his musical prowess captivates audiences. In the world of Walter Lee, every note is a brushstroke painting a canvas of positive vibes and rhythmic grooves.


Offstage, Walter draws inspiration from his loving family—wife Heather Lee and son Jude Lee—who provide the rhythm to his heart. Additionally, his original project, Roots In Blue Stone, delves into the roots of creativity, crafting music that resonates with personal stories and the spirit of the Blue Stone region.


Stay tuned as Walter Lee continues to carve his path, leaving a trail of infectious melodies and undeniable feel-good energy wherever his musical odyssey takes him.


Roots In Blue Stone
Christian Porter
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